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Baking cream & margarine
Baking Cream
Merrylady Baking Cream
Baking Cream

◇ Moisture preserver, soft taste;
◇ Delays starch aging, improves the finished product structure and extends the softness and freshness preservation period under the same environment;
◇ Avoids excessive use of various food additives, no trans fatty acids and cholesterol.
◇ Simplicity: One time feeding, easy to whip, simplify the operation steps, saves labor costs.

Cake special:
◇ Convenience: Pound cake baking process one time shaping, no need to scratch.
◇ Convenience: Fast surface oiling (needs half of the time compared with the conventional way).
◇ Unique: Smooth texture, soft taste, rich dairy flavor.

Bread special:
◇ Technique: It can be fermented one time or multiple times.
◇ Color: Attractive and good color.
◇ Taste: Soft and rich dairy flavor.

All types of bread, dough and cake bases, batter production.
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